Welcome to this new website, which has been created to highlight the continuing failure of the Church of England to effectively safeguard the people it claims to serve.

Children and adults have suffered abuse at the hands of errant priests. To some extent, this is inevitable. The Church can’t prevent it: abusers are predatory and will seek access to people who they believe to be vulnerable.

This is why schools, youth organisations, care homes and churches must have procedures in place to hamper those who would seek to abuse. And they must also have procedures in place to respond effectively and appropriately when allegations arise.

But it is the experience of far too many people who have been the victim of church-related abuse that the response of the Church of England has been to offer nice words but ineffective action. Many speak of being re-abused by the Church of England: not just once, but over and over and over again.

The Church of England knows it has a problem: it has poured, and continues to pour, millions of pounds each year – an amount that increases annually – in safeguarding processes. But these safeguarding processes do nothing to safeguard victims and survivors. Rather, it is spent safeguarding the institution.

This website was originally launched by me in October 2021 to draw attention into significant safeguarding failures by the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham in relation to a specific case. That matter is now heading to the courts and so I’ve removed references to it until the legal proceedings are completed.

In fact, it had been my intention to close this website completely. In August 2022 I blanked its content. But since then, the Church of England has continued to act in a way which is dangerous – dangerous for victims of abuse; and also dangerous for clergy facing accusations of abuse.

The Archbishops’ Council, the trustee body for some of the National Church Institutions’ centrally provided services, including the National Safeguarding Team, have continued to re-abuse victims and survivors; they have continued to silence those who will speak out; they continue to say nice words but follow it up with offensive actions.

The Archbishops’ Council and its staff have lied to victims, survivors, advocates, the General Synod and the wider public.

And so I have taken the decision to re-open this website as a blog highlighting the continuing failures of the Church of England. The Archbishops’ Council would like to pretend they are working to correct historic failings, ignoring the ongoing continued re-abuse they perpetrate.

This blog is not a lone voice. It is part of a growing chorus of voices calling for change: real change in practice and actions, not just nice words. Through this blog I will celebrate all that is good in safeguarding in the Church of England. But it will also draw attention to all that is bad.

Light must shine in the darkness. The darkness will not overcome the light.

For those in the Church of England and Archbishops’ Council whose priority has been to protect the C of E at the cost of victims: your time is up.

The end is nigh for those who have enable the continuing abuse of victims and survivors. You must go. And be replaced by people who are more interested in right action rather than right words; people who are concerned more with victims and survivors of abuse rather than the reputation of the Church.