Welcome to this new website, which has been created to expose a catalogue of significant safeguarding failings in the Church of England’s Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. Some of these failings and errors are caused by negligence; others are caused by the deliberate and wilful actions of Bishop Paul Williams and his staff team.

It has been created to shine a light in the darkness and to bring pressure for change.

The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, has been fully appraised of Bishop Paul Williams’ actions and says that he has done nothing wrong.

Today – Safeguarding Sunday – this website has published a catalogue of documents detailing complaints about the bishop and his diocese’s handling of disclosure of abuse.

In the coming days we will post more details and analysis. We ask you to decide:

If Bishop Paul Williams’ actions are wrong, then the Church of England shoud say so and bring about change. But if the Archbishop of York is correct in saying that Bishop Paul Williams has done no wrong, then the Church of England should stop saying that it takes safeguarding seriously.

Either Bishop Paul Williams’ actions are wrong, or the the Church is not a safe place; because if what Bishop Paul Williams did is in line with the Church of England’s safeguarding policies and procedures, then those policies and procedures are dangerous – dangerous for victims of abuse; and also dangerous for clergy facing accusations of abuse.

To contact us, please email editor@churchabuse.uk.