Church Times’ exclusive confirms what everybody knows

The Church Times has impeccable sources and often frustrates the Church of England comms team by publishing reports before they’re ready to respond. And so it was last week, when the Church Times published the results of surveys carried out by groups set up to take forward Professor Alexis Jay’s independence in safeguarding proposals.

I will comment more when the full report is published. Suffice to say, the results can be summarised thus:

Bishops, who have systematically failed to provide good safeguarding, want to continue running the Church’s safeguarding; while victims and their advocates, who have witnessed first hand the debacle caused by the bishops and the church’s national safeguarding team, believe it should be taken out of bishops’ hands.

Proof, if it was needed, that the Church still does not get it!

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  1. What is worse Gavin is the group isn’t actually taking forward Jay’s proposals. They are debating whether these are the right proposals.
    I’m concerned we will see a watered down version of Jay

  2. The full survey report has been published at Thinking Anglicans.

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